The little things matter

This is how not to treat a customer.

Yesterday I wasted four hours trying to get my washing machine fixed despite my best efforts I was met with incompetence.  No not by my technician but by the assine rules of how his company does business.

I have a Whirlpool Washer that after one year and seven months decided to say fuck it I am going to break down (Warranty was only one year how fucking convenient).  Now I used to work as an electronics service technician, so performing a diagnosis on a machine is not outside of my technical expertise.  So when I called in the service order I try to give as much information as possible (error code, time of malfunction, what happened at the time of malfunction, etc..).  Now I know this is gonna cost me to get it repaired so with that the technician arrives, performs the exact same diagnostic I performed before setting the appointment.  No tools, doesn’t connect anything to the machine, just reads the same code that was provided a week prior to his arrival. Opens his netbook and tells me the same thing I told the person who set my appointment.  OK now he orders my parts (remember this) tells me they will be arriving by delivery this afternoon and he will bring an additional tech to help with the repair because of how heavy the machine is.  This so far is acceptable so I rush to work to await his call and get my machine fixed.  Let’s start the circus now:

  1. They delivered the wrong part

  2. I have now wasted four hours out of my work day that they aren’t going to pay me for.

  3. Told me the next available appointment was the 27th of May – Two weeks away,  and four weeks from when I called to set the original appointment.

  4.  Then they had the nerve to request payment when nothing was done at all!

Now the technician performed a machine self diagnostic which involves pressing a button on the machine and reading a code. I remind you this was a code that I provided when making the service appointment.  So in essence he has performed no work at all.

This company’s customer relations division couldn’t provide me with a solution or some form of expedited process due to their delivery error.  Their telephone division is staffed with over glorified people just answering phones with no concept of taking care of the customer.

So here I am back at square one with an appointment on friday, no guarantee they will have my part or fix my issue.  So I am giving them no guarantee that they will get paid for their time if they don’t come prepared to fix the issue.

A&E Factory Service, LLC you have been warned.




Banned for Life – Big Deal

So Donald Sterling just got Banned for Life from the NBA.  Does this really help?  Not the least fucking bit.  So what does this mean for him?  Is his life so attached to Basketball that this is a hard hit to him:  No, he is a fucking 82 year old billionaire.  A 2.5 million dollar fine and he still has legacy money and a nest egg to sit upon, not to mention real estate investments, etc…. If I were to say a racially insensitive comment at my level I would be looking at a life changing event (How many people would hire me if I said something racially insensitive).  But the bottom line here is this is smoke and mirrors to please the masses.  The big question is do we have prejudice in America?  Yes and they are hiding under the umbrella of free speech.  This swift and immediate action by the NBA means absolutely nothing in the long run.  All it made me realize is that an old ass billionaire can have a young ass mistress who calls him out on racially insensitive comments, records him, leaks it to TMZ, will get paid, or at least find another sugar daddy while this piece of work only gets fined 2.5 million dollars (drop in the bucket for him) will still be paid hand over fist until he sells the team and find a new young piece of ass dumb enough to deal with him all while cheating on his wife.

Really?  You gonna tell me she just works for you? - GTFOH

Really? You gonna tell me she just works for you? – GTFOH

She didn’t do this because she had some sort or moral epiphany to do what was right, shit she was a side chick, a motherfucking side chick!   I mean really why would a chick young enough to be this guys granddaughter be on him like that and her bullshit job as an archivist is a cover we all know that. I have to hit this ratchetness with a powerful – Get the Fuck Out of Here!!  -Onyxxx Uncensored