The Talk Show: The Return of Larenz Tate and Comic Convention Blues

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Top 5 box office information for the past 2 weeks.

I actually saw a movie this week. – Girls Trip I have to say sometimes you go see what the wife wants. I was expecting to sit and kinda fall asleep but found myself laughing pretty hard. I can’t recommend paying full price to see it though and it did make your boy feel some kinda way. Larenz Tate is typecast as captain save a ….you know what and it made me want to tell my wife no vacations for you. This movie was the hangover mixed with Stella Got her groove back and let’s get Larenz Tate back in a movie.

Matinee only fellas unless you are forced

3 out of 5 because I was laughing.

Good Redbox and chill Flick don’t watch around kids

Comic Book Conventions – Life is hard for a player. Oh a brother can’t get press credentials anymore?
I spoke a little about how ReedPop doesn’t want to support your boy any more after 5 good years of attending NYCC and growing like I have never grown before. But that’s cool I see how you guys want to treat a player. So I have been attending smaller conventions on my own dime and had the chance to attend NOVAcon in Norther Virginia this past weekend.
Good convention that needs time to get through the growing pains. You can tell it could have been completely banging but it felt restricted because of the venue (Ritz Carlton, Tysons Corner). This will be a great convention in the future.

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