The amount of chill is below zero……

floyd rhonda

Everybody talking about Pattie LaBell’s Sweet Potato Pie

What you know about this………cornbread

You do know why?

The real reason

Oh Hells to the No

Really Bruh?  You thought your brothers clothes were that fly? Can you breathe?  The outfit was so fly I knew I had to buy it.

Really B

I still would not want to fight her…..

The internet has no chill on Ronda Rousey’s loss last night!!!!




When She wants Netflix and Chill But No Internet


The Internet has No Chill


Going to Hell in Gasoline Drawers

Now I am going to say this dress is a little too tight.  But her confidence game is over 100%.   Now whoever made the caption know they are wrong for all sorts of reasons.



So this is how it starts…

For years I have been trying to get my YouTube and Website to grow and slowly and surely now it seems like i am finally getting it to work.  It took a major life altering event and struggle to give me the motivation to do it.  Hope fully I can get it to a level where it can be my occupation but I see it will be difficult.  People as a whole focus on the negative or they feel that they can’t ‘like’ a page or status if it isn’t ‘cool’ or popular.  If I posted a picture of a half nude woman or a tragic situation or a negative feeling people will like it and go no further.  But if I post something positive or asking for help it gets ignored.  Why is that?  I will tell you why, people are selfish in general and feel that instead of supporting the positive actions of others they will question the motives of others without looking at the person as a whole.  So if I ask you to like a page, donate to a charity, or subscribe to something you can believe that it isn’t a scam, or derogatory to anyone.

So, subscribe to my YouTube Channel, like my Facebook Page, its all in fun and it puts me closer to my goal of doing something positive.  Or you can just ignore this, your choice but it really demonstrates your character to the world.

This message should be displayed on 434 Facebook news-feeds of people labeled as ‘friends’ but lets see how many like, how many ignore, and how many actually take action.  SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT!!!